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Nilfisk GD930S2 Canister Vacuum

GD930S2 Vacuum
Rated Power 1000W
Airflow 1440/2100 L/min
Vacuum at Nozzle 23 kPa
Sound Pressure Level 45/53 dB(A)
Dustbag Capacity 15L
Weight 7.5kg
Cable Length 15m
One year commercial warranty

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Nilfisk GD930S2 Canister Vacuum

Nilfisk GD930S2 is rugged and stable for everyday cleaning with a large dust bag capacity and design that optimises air flows and reduces energy losses.
Multi Layer Filter efficiently captures microscopically small particles and prevents them from being exhausted back into the atmosphere. Dual Speed motor, Compact size provides excellent maneuverability and ease of use. HEPA filtration system, Heavy duty construction with steel container.
One Year Commercial Warranty.

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