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RapidClean Coffs Harbour

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RapidClean 400g Mop Head

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RapidClean 400g Mop Head

400 MG Mop Head. Available In Blue, Green, Red or Yellow. Perfect for use with alumninium handle.

3M Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop Tool

- With Pad Holder - 40 cm - 1/case Flat mop tool used for fast, efficient and lightweight cleaning.

3M Easy Scrub Flat Mop Pads

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3M Easy Scrub Flat Mop Pads

- 46 cm - 10/bag, 4 bags/case Flat mops for 3M Easy Scrub Flat Mop System.

3M Easy Shine Applicator Kit

With the 3M Easy Shine Applicator System you can use most conventional floor finishes and cleaning chemicals to get results you can be proud of every time.

Homeclean by Oates Squeeze Mop – Two post

Lightweight, quick and easy to use.

Oates 300mm Fluid Aluminium Flat Mop Head

Decitex Aluminium Flat Mop Head ideal for wet or dry use with an angled head to get into corners and along skirting boards. Industrial quality and strength complete with hook fastner tab for strong and easy connection to pads.

Oates 350mm Modacrylic Mop

Highly resilient and durable Modacrylic fibres capture dirt, lint and dust. Swivel head manoeuvres into hard-to-reach places. 25mm adjustable powder coated steel handle for compact storage.

Oates 350mm Modacrylic Mop Fringe Refill

Floormaster Dust Control Modacrylic Mop Refill with highly resilent and durable fibres that capture dust, dirt and lint, for use with Oates 350mm Modacrylic and Dust Control Mops.

Oates 380mm Fluid Dishmop Pad White – 10 Pack

Fluid Dispomop Pad in White is a disposable microfibre pad for damp mopping of smooth surfaces in high risk areas or controlled environments such as operating theatres or within the pharmaceutical industry. Prize winning product at the Europropre trade fair!...

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