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Research Products has been recognised as an innovator in the supply of hard surface and carpet cleaning solutions.

Oates Laboratories Airlift Jellybean

Time release odour lifter and fungicide with a high emphasis on cleaning performance. Controls mould, fungus, soap, body fat proteins and urine decomposition found in washrooms. The JELLYBEAN fragrance is most effective on the most heavily used public facilities and...

Oates Laboratories All Round 15L

Oates Laboratories All Round   Carpet shampoo with encapsulating technology and fabric protector, specially developed to provide ultimate cleaning performance, particularly on greasy and heavily stained carpet. Suitable for use on synthetic and wool carpets and as general upholstery spotter....

Oates Laboratories Apeel Odour Neutraliser

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Oates Laboratories Apeel Odour Neutraliser

Perfect for use in food waste dump bins, commercial buildings, sporting clubs, hospitals, hotels and motels. Also used to eliminate odours where there has been smoke, fire and water damage. Contains orange, fruit and flower by products and Manuka “Medihoney”...

Oates Laboratories Armourcoat Leather Protector

New generation water based protector leaves a durable non greasy gloss to all leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces, indoor and outdoor.       We offer special prices for major accounts. Contact us for more information. More products are being...


Oates Laboratories Autoscrub Neutral Cleaner – Lavender Fragrance

A low foam detergent for the machine cleaning of floors. Suitable for all Scrubber Drier Machines, it is designed for the daily cleaning of polished floors and sensitive surfaces. Effectively cleans without damage to surfaces or reducing the shine on...

Oates Laboratories B-Brite

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Oates Laboratories B-Brite

Spray on cleaner, shiner and finger mark protector. Has a unique non-solvent formula that leaves behind a resistant, non-greasy film that buffs to a brilliant hard shine. Use to polish furniture or to clean and dust glass, chrome, polished timber,...

Oates Laboratories Barricade

A water based protector that provides an invisible subsurface protection to outdoor masonry surfaces of stone, marble, unglazed ceramics, terracotta, sandstone and smooth concrete. It can also be used to protect ornaments, sculptures, facades and columns. Helps prevents staining caused...

Oates Laboratories Builders Kleen

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Oates Laboratories Builders Kleen

BUILDERS KLEEN provides a safe and environmentally friendly solution to clean brick walls. It is an organic salt and is non-fuming. However in the presence of reactive deposits such as calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate BUILDERS KLEEN behaves just like...

Oates Laboratories Citrafresh Carpet Clean 5L

High performance extraction pre spray concentrate with natural orange deodorising action. CITRAFRESH is ideal on greasy carpets. It is safe for all carpet fibres including fine silk rugs and woollen carpet commonly found in hotels. Contains vegetable oil based detergents....

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