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Aussie Pumps 75L Industrial Wet-Dry Vac with both 50mm & 90mm accessories

$1,358.00 ex GST

Aussie Jumbo Wet/Dry Vac


  • 5 year commercial warranty
  • Unique Aussie Microweb … 99.9% filtration, reusable filter
  • 75 litre capacity
  • 3 x 1200 Watt motors
  • Airflow 10,0860 lpm
  • Weight 31kg
  • Impact resistant polypropylene barrel
  • Heavy duty wheel kit
  • 50mm & 90mm accessory kit
  • 7m power cable
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Aussie Pumps 75L Industrial Wet-Dry Vac with both 50mm & 90mm Accessories

Aussie Pumps 75L Industrial Wet-Dry Vac is a powerful, industrial 75 litre vac for both wet and dry cleaning. European made.

50mm & 90mm accessories supplied standard, enable unit to collect objects to 90mm in diameter. Ideal for workshop clean-up, cleaning under conveyors, food processing plants.

FREE 99.9% reusable filter causes dust to ‘cake’ allowing for improved collection efficiency and better dust release. Simply shake and tap to clean the filter.

Suits fine dusts including limestone, biochemical, lead, sugar, cement, Gyprock, precious metals, pigments and fertilisers.

Not for use with asbestos.



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